Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Savannah's 23rd Birthday!

Our dear Savannah turns 23 today!!!!

"Savannah Nicole"

Savannah - from the open plain, southerner
Nicole - people's victory, victorious people
meaning behind her name: "victorious people from the open plain"

We are so thankful for such a sweet sister, daughter and friend as our Savannah!  She is always there to help and do what needs doing, without being asked.  Savannah goes above and beyond and puts as much love and care into what she's doing as she possibly can. We are so thankful for her gentle and quiet spirit and we can't praise the Lord enough for giving you to us!  Happy birthday Savannah!  We pray that the Lord greatly blesses your year to come!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Life in pictures...

This is going to be a very random post about the many things going on in life right now!

Three of the little Yuck granddaughters on Easter morning! (Berea, Victoria, and Evangeline)

Grandson Benjamin watching his daddy work on the computer.

Ben and Matthew out on a hike together!

Jordan and the kiddos at the beach! Little Evangeline was all tuckered out.

The Dickerson family on Easter morning, both Ben and Matthew dressed in their matching hats.

Caleb & Jordan 

Kelsey with Ben

The flowers have been busting out with buds on the farm this year!!!

 Little Abigail is 2 months old today!

She's growing up so fast on us.  Look at this adorable little smile!

Noah out at the shooting range with the guys...

Ethan at the shooting range with Dad standing behind him.

Dad, Mom and Savannah at a recent stop at the beach on a trip down to Florida.

God is good and we thank Him so much for each and every family member!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dad's Birthday!

We celebrated Dad's birthday today!!!

"Kelly Patrick"

Kelly - warrior, fighter
Patrick - noble, patrician

meaning behind his name: "noble warrior"

We are so thankful to have such a man as our Dad!  He has strong leadership qualities and an amazing sense of discernment.  We love you Dad and thank God so much for you and your influence in our lives.  Happy, happy birthday!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Baby Yuck has arrived!!!!!

Abigail Prudence Yuck 
was born at 5:12 pm today (March 15th, 2017)!!!

Mama and baby are both doing good!  Little Abigail is beautiful, and Mama did a good job!

She was born on her Grandpa Paul's 63rd birthday, so it was a sweet birthday blessing for him!

The Caleb Yuck family is now a growing family of 6!  Wow!  It's amazing how time flies, because.....

Jordan and Caleb just celebrated their 5th anniversary on March 10th!  It's wonderful to see how the Lord is growing their sweet little family.  We are so happy for them and are praising the Lord for this newest little blessing!

Happy Anniversary Caleb and Jordan!  And congratulations on your newest little one, sweet little Abigail!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mom's Birthday!

Yesterday was Mom's birthday!

"Shelly Rae"

Shelly - meadow on a ledge, rest, lamb
Rae - grace, the innocent lamb, wise protection

meaning behind her name: "restful, peaceful grace"

 We are so grateful to have such a mother.  She is the type of woman who everyone is better off by having known her. I'm so thankful to be able to grow up in her shadow; she is my role-model.
We love you Mom!  Happy Birthday!

Jordan's Update on Her Due Date

Jordan's due date (March 15th) is coming up here shortly, only about two weeks away!  She's been feeling good, which is always a blessing.  Caleb has been spending the last couple of weeks building bunk beds for the girls, as well as a big wall closet in the basement and they are nearing the completion of those projects just in time for their new little daughter to arrive.  We can't wait to "meet" this newest little blessing.  Stay tuned....

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Jordan's Birthday!

Yesterday was our dear Jordan's 28th birthday!

"Jordan Rae"
Jordan - flowing down, descend
Rae - grace, the innocent lamb

 meaning behind her name: "grace flowing down"

Jordan is the oldest born in the family, the sweet mother figure to us all.  She is now mother to her own three little girls, soon to be four!  We love you dearly Jordan and hope you had a terrific day!
(Jordan celebrated her birthday down in Florida at her sister-in-law, Bethany's, wedding!  Mom and Dad were also there to help them celebrate!)

More pictures of our little Ben

Our family of three!

He's such a smiley baby.  He's more often found with a smile on his face than crying!

 Like father, like son...

Loving being propped up...
He is such a blessing!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Benjamin's Birth Story

Okay, it's been a long time in coming, but I've finally found the time to sit down and write Benjamin's birth story.

Once upon a time.....

Just kidding, it wasn't quite that romantic of a story!  As a matter of fact, nothing quite went as planned.

October 19th
4:30 am - I went into labor, one day before my due date.  The beginning stages were very mild, so mild I wasn't exactly sure if it was the real thing.

5:30 am - I woke Matthew up and informed him that today was the day!  We talked and chatted and had trouble falling back asleep, but we eventually did.

7:00 - We called my family to let them know.  It was my parents anniversary, so they were excited that baby Dickerson would probably arrive on their special day!  We also called the midwife just to give her a heads up.

8:30 - The contractions finally got to where I could actually count them as Matthew headed off to work and continued to build until around noon, at which point I had to stop what I was doing every time a contraction came, but it still wasn't that bad.

12:30 - My mom decided to come over and spend the afternoon with me, so we ate, talked, played games and counted through the growing contractions.  My contractions were lengthy, but very sporadic.  They would come 3 minutes apart and then 8 minutes apart, and then back to 3 and then jump to 11 minutes, but they all lasted at least 1 1/2 minutes in length up to almost 3 minutes.  So we went throughout the day charting the contractions with no real progression, other than they were getting more painful.
4:30 - When Matthew got home from work, my contractions became a bit more steady (my midwife said that my hormones were simply waiting for him to get there ;-).  But by dinner time, my contractions still weren't coming in any sort of pattern.

6:00 - My family brought dinner over and ate with us, and we watched the debate that night while making it through worsening contractions.

10:30 - My family headed back home, but Mom stayed the night with us to help if needed.  I tried sleeping, but only got a half hour in since the contractions were too painful.  Matthew stayed up with me and serenaded me with his guitar in-between contractions.
October 20th
2:30ish am - Mom woke up and watched a movie with me while Matthew headed to bed to get some rest.  The contractions were pretty painful at this point.

7:00 - We decided to call the midwife to have her check me to see where I was at.  I showered and ate breakfast that Mom had made.  Mom then headed back home to make cheese.

11:00ish - The midwife showed up and I was at 4 cm.  Matthew and I made the decision to continue laboring alone while the midwives spent some time in town.  Our hopes were that with just the two of us there, my hormones would kick into gear and do what they needed to do to jumpstart this labor.

12:30 - Still no consistency to my contractions, but they were hard now to cope with at this point.  The midwives came back to check me and I was at 6 cm.  The doula worked her magic and helped me through the contractions from this point and provided a great amount of relief to my back.
2:00pm - Our air conditioning went out, so my mom came back over and brought their temporary window unit.  Contractions still sporadic but lasting 2-4 minutes each.

6:00pm - Still at 6 cm.  Tried different positions and techniques to no avail.

10:30 pm - My midwife advised us to transport in to the hospital before I reached maternal exhaustion.  I had been against a hospital birth the whole way through my pregnancy, but with the advice from Matthew, the midwives, and my mom, we decided to head in.
October 21st
12:00am (midnight) - We showed up at the hospital and they took us right in.  They got me settled in and let almost my whole birth team come in the room with me: Matthew (of course), mom, my midwife, and her assistant/doula.  My other doula had to head back home, but she said she'd be praying for me.
NOTE: As for the rest of this, I have no clue what time any of this happened.  I was only partway with it at this point and so everything was a little blurry.
I was still at 6 cm when I arrived at the hospital.
The doctor broke my water, anticipating that it would start to help with dilation.
The anesthesiologist came to inform me about epidurals, which I flatly refused, stating that I was going to do this naturally.
The doctor checked me about 1 1/2 hours later and I was still at 6 cm.
My family showed up at the hospital to wait for Baby's birth.
The doctor suggested that I be induced with pitocin, hoping that maybe that would help me to dilate.  We spoke with our midwife who agreed that that is what I should do since I hadn't progressed at all.  So we agreed to go ahead with the pitocin.

A little while later, my midwife came over and suggested that I get an epidural since the pitocin was going to make my already very painful contractions "longer, harder, stronger".  I was completely against it, but she gently informed me that if I didn't this was probably going to turn into a c-section.  So tearily I agreed to go ahead with the epidural.  (My mom had a very scary experience when she was in labor with my younger sister, so that forever scared any of us kids from "willingly" having epidurals.)
The epidural took effect right away, allowing me some much needed relief.  I was able to sleep for the first time in 2 1/2 days and build a little of my strength back up.  When I woke up they were ready for me to start pushing.  I pushed for 5 hours, some with the nurse, some with my midwife, and the final bit with the doctor.
At this point I was just about ready to give up and ask for a c-section.  I was completely exhausted from the whole ordeal and the amount of pushing.  The staff kept telling me I was so close, just a few more good pushes....for like an hour and a half.  I stopped believing them.
My mom came over to help me push and encouraging me that I was close.  I cried saying, "They keep saying that but it's not true.  Baby is not coming.  They've been telling me that for forever!"  She just kept encouraging me and telling me when to push.
Finally the doctor got his scrubs on and we realized that it was the real deal this time.  Matthew came up by mom to help me push since my strength was not really there like it should have been.  He kept whispering to me that I was "doing good" and "our baby would be here soon".  Between him and mom and lots of prayer, they helped push me through that last little bit and I was able to watch our baby come into this world.
As soon as he was in my arms, the relief was amazing.  Matthew told me with tears in his eyes that we had a son, and (almost) all the previous agony was forgotten.  We ooohd and aahhed over him and Matthew announced his name:
Benjamin James Dickerson
Matthew wrote this!

Matthew actually had a low blood sugar attack right after I gave birth and had to lay down and drink some juice to get back on his feet.  He hadn't eaten any breakfast, and had been worrying about me the whole time and it was just too much.  My mom helped him till he was feeling okay and was able to go out to announce to my family that we had had a son.

We were so thankful for our little guy and we were so thankful that the whole 52 1/2 hour ordeal was over!!!  My family came in to meet little Ben and we called Matthew's folks as well as our siblings.  We were praising the Lord that he had helped us through it and kept us all safe.  Through the whole labor, Benjamin's little heart rate stayed even keel.  He was in no distress at all, praise the Lord!  We spent the night in the hospital and came home the next evening.

I later asked my midwife why it took so long.  She had several reasons...
1. I had entered 6 cm arrest and wouldn't progress any further.
2. Benjamin was in a posterior position, putting me into posterior arrest.
3.Benjamin's head was deflexed, meaning not completely tucked down.
4. Benjamin's head was stuck on my pubic bone.
We are praying that our next birth story will go a lot smoother and be able to be a home birth, but we are also praising God for the hospital for the situations like ours when you need them.  God blessed us with our precious little one and we are so grateful!!!