Sunday, July 27, 2014

How I Got My kidding!

The following commercial is how my parents picked my name!  Really and truly, no lie!  They liked the name Kelsey after seeing this come over the tv and decided to name their baby girl by it!

Monday, July 21, 2014

A New Member of the Family Means Another Trip to Canada! part 4

We always love playing tricks on our fun-loving friends and family, so this trip was no exception.  Dad and Mom walked over to the senior Yucks house and back most mornings for their exercise and on one particular morning, they placed American flags all over their yard!  It's a good thing the Yucks are such good sports.

Here is a picture of the Canadian double-decker buses!

Here is Auntie Blessing holding Berea!

Berea getting her first bath...

Toward the end of our visit, we all decided to go play putt-putt (or miniature golf, for Canadians).  We divided up into four teams of 5.  There was a competitive air floating around, so we all had a good old time!

Such professional poses, Dad and Vanna!

The Star Player!

Waiting for everyone to finish up.

Baby Berea awake!

Baby Berea asleep!

Berea, myself, Victoria and Savannah.

Mom with Berea.

Auntie Libby with baby.

Uncle Noah holding Berea!

Auntie Vanna with her niece!

Doting Uncle Ethan with his adorable niece!

Auntie Cherish!

Mrs. Debbie (grammy) holding her darling.

All of us sitting around playing cards...

And a little more friendly badminton!

It was a wonderful trip full of lots of love and memories!  We are so thankful that the Lord brought Berea into this world in His perfect timing, so that we could enjoy our whole visit with her!

A New Member of the Family Means Another Trip to Canada! part 3

Jordan with Berea....she is so good with her two little daughters!  It's such a joy for us to see her as a mother!

Honour holding her new little niece!

Mr. Paul holding his little granddaughter.

Mama and baby again.

Isn't she so adorable?  We aren't exactly sure who she looks like, maybe Noah, maybe Savannah.  We'll have to wait and see!

This next picture is of "The Incredible Dr. Ross"!  We enjoy watching "The Incredible Dr. Pol", a vet from the old country who has his own television program.  We've told the Yucks about the show before and so when their farm vet had to come out to fix a displaced stomach, they called us to see if we wanted to come watch!  Since a displace stomach occurs a lot on the "Dr. Pol" show, we jumped at the chance to see it live.  

The surgery was very neat to watch and Dr. Ross was kind enough to explain things as he went along.  Everything was going along smoothly,...until I felt myself start to clam up and I knew that if I didn't get out of direct view of the surgery and sit down, I was going to keel over!  I thought I would be fine, because I've helped our vet with a C-section on one of our goats before, but I guess that I was so involved with helping that I didn't leave myself room to think about it too much, which was exactly what I was doing watching Dr. Ross make his incision into the cow's stomach and them proceed to stick his arm halfway down into the cow and feel around for the problem!  So, needless to say, I did not finish watching the surgery, and I did not take any pictures to torture educate you all with!  I sat behind the wall and told myself not to think about it!  LOL!  Mom said I had turned quite white!  The whole incident was quite an aggravation, because I sincerely wanted to watch.  But oh well.  Some things simply were not meant to be!  And to think that I actually thought of going into the veterinary field! Ha!

Dr. Ross, being kind enough to let me take his picture (all cleaned up, you might notice!)

So, where were we?  Oh yes, here's Victoria playing with her plastic cups.  We would try to put an object under one cup, move them around and see if she could find the object.  She was actually quite good at it!  She's a pretty smart little thing!

Mom holding her second grand baby and loving it so much!

Victoria and Daddy reading.

Auntie Savannah ( or Auntie Nanna) and Victoria

The Yuck family were going out to give the Girotti family a tour of their farm, so even though we've had the grand tour before, we enjoyed going again.  Here we all are in the horse barn, where Caleb is raising his baby turkeys.

Victoria, enjoying playing in the water buckets!

Below are Hannah Girotti, Mr. Tom Girotti, Jonathan Girotti, Mr. Paul Yuck and Mrs. Deb Girotti.
We had a lovely time visiting with you all!

Victoria, Savannah and Sarah Girotti!

Next stop was the butcher shop.

Then on to the dairy barn...

After the dairy barn, we meandered over to see Caleb's batch of meat chickens.  He took his first batch of chickens to the processor while we were there.  Ethan, Dad, Caleb, Bethany and Blessing woke up at 3:00 am to catch all of the birds, then while Caleb and Ethan drove them an hour away to the processor, Mr. Paul, Bethany and I milked.  Then later that afternoon, when the chickens were ready to be picked up, Dad, Bethany, Savannah and I went along with Caleb to help weigh them and load them in the van.  Once we arrived home, it was time to milk again, so Mr. Paul, Bethany and I went back out to milk, while Dad, Savannah, Mom, Ethan, Blessing, and Jordan helped Caleb separate and label the chickens for each order and take them to the refrigeration room.  

"Many hands make light work."   
-John Heywood

Some beautiful wild flowers growing in the weeds!

Dad holding Berea.

Jordan and her firstborn, Victoria!

Sunday morning found us all sharing breakfast together, then preparing for the church service.

Jordan had dressed the girls in their matching dresses for church!

First family photo of the four of them!  Their family is always growing!

After the service, we all shared a lunch together and then as the evening started to dwindle down, someone suggested a hymn sing-along.  So all the musicians pulled out their instruments and we had a lovely evening singing and listening and simply enjoying the lovely music.

Stay tuned for the final segment!