Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Family, Friends & Fun: Part 3

On Saturday, March 30th, the Girotti family from Virginia came for a visit.  We met half of the Girotti family at the NCFIC conference this past October.  They were travelling down to South Carolina to pick up their grandmother, so decided to stop in!  We thoroughly enjoyed having them at our house, and we were glad that we were able to finally meet the rest of their family! 


Mrs. Girotti made us this lovely appliqued towel.  It has already seen much use!

We gave the Girotti's a tour of our farm and then took them down to the dairy where each of them tried milking!  They all did a wonderful job!  It's too bad that I didn't have my camera with me, but Mrs. Girotti posted a few on her blog over at Mountain Musings as well as here

Caleb talking with Mr. Girotti

The five of us girls

Sarah holding one of the baby goats

A cute baby's feet!

Once we were done in the dairy, the Girotti's shared dinner with us and brought us delicious cookies for dessert!
Hannah and Savannah cleaning up after the meal.

After dinner, we all moved into the living room where we had a wonderful time of fellowship, music and laughter.  Sorry for the blurry photos...


I failed to get a family photo of the Girotti family while they were here, so I copied this one off of their blog.
Back row: Granny, Mrs. Girotti, Mr. Girotti
Front row: Jonathan, Sarah, Hannah

The Girottis joined us for church the next day, Easter Sunday, but unfortuanately I don't have any pictures of that either.  (I seem to have forgotten my camera a lot!)  We had a lovely time visiting with the Girotti family and we're so glad that they came to see us. 


  1. Well, we thoroughly enjoyed our time with you! Thank you so much, Hammond Family! It's been FUN to read this whole series of posts! (And from experience I can say, you can never go wrong when you always have your camera with you!) :) ~ Mrs G

  2. We have the great pleasure of knowing the sweet Girotti family and can understand why you had such a wonderful visit with them.


  3. And to think, we missed meeting the Girotti family by just a couple of hours! I guess that should read, we missed meeting them again, as we'd met them at a conference a year or so previously. God willing, we'll see them this fall at the NCFIC conference and, hopefully, actually get to spend time visiting with them!

    Terrific posts, Kelsey! Fun seeing all the pics, especially the ones of a certain little someone. She's been so cute lately, I mean really, really cute! She talks and yabbers away, just totally precious!

    Love you all so much!

  4. I so enjoyed meeting all of you, Hammond Family! :)
    Thank you for the cheese you sent with us as well - DELICIOUS.