Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day 2014

Yesterday we received 2-4 inches of snow and since this is a rarity in South Carolina…(first snow in three years), we decided to make the most of it!  We pulled out the sleds and the four-wheeler and had some fun.  

Our home, viewed from the dairy...

 The goats didn't quite know what to think of it.

And neither did the kittens…!

This photo didn't quite turn out how I'd hoped, but I still thought it was a unique angle.  I was zooming in to the back field, trying to get a picture of the boys riding the four-wheeler and sled, but it focused on the fencing instead.  If you look closely, you can see Ethan in blue on the left and Noah in green on the right.

Toby came out just long enough to say he was out in the snow...

Savannah and Dad

Ethan and Noah
 and Clancy chasing after them!

Ethan going for a ride!

Mist and I

Savannah, Dad and I only stayed out for about an hour and a half, but the boys spent the larger part of the day out playing in it with our younger cousins.   While they were outside playing, we came in to warm up by the fire and play games…Parcheesi, Mexican Train Dominoes, and Euchre.   It was a very fun day, but cold!  We were glad to wake up this morning and see the sun shining!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Surprise Visit to Canada

For the past few months, Dad and Mom have secretly been working on a plan to surprise Jordan with a visit.  They were blessed to receive two free plane tickets and decided to use them to go for her birthday.  It would also give them a chance to see her halfway through her pregnancy.  So after a lot of planning, last week they succeeded in surprising her by traveling up to Canada!

Last Tuesday, we took Dad and Mom to the airport.  From there, they had one stop in Philadelphia and from there, straight on to the Ottawa airport, where Mrs. Debbie Yuck and Bethany were waiting to pick them up and take them to Caleb and Jordan's house.  By this point it was now about 10:30 at night.  Caleb had been let in on the surprise a few weeks prior to the trip, so while Mrs. Debbie was transporting Mom and Dad to Caleb and Jordan's house, Caleb was busy trying to keep Jordan awake.  He popped in the Ten Commandments dvd with the intention of watching all four hours if need be!  Shortly before midnight, Dad and Mom arrived at their house.  Bethany Yuck, Caleb's sister, then called Jordan and told her to go look out the front window at the Northern Lights because "they were just beautiful tonight"!  To Jordan's surprise, when she opened the shades to look out her front window, Mom and Dad were standing on her porch!
The plan worked!

Mom and Dad spent almost a week up there, enjoying their time with Victoria, Caleb, Jordan and the whole Yuck family.  Below are some pictures from their time there…

This is Jordan's front window where Dad and Mom were waiting to surprise her!  Look at all that snow!

Ice skating on the Rideau Canal...
 They brought Victoria's little sled and she loved it so much that two hours later when it was time to go home, she didn't want to quit!

Food vendors on ice!

Mom, Jordan and Victoria

They ended up eating their lunch at a picnic table on the ice!  Brrrrrr!

 Group photo

Eating out, enjoying a lemon!

They were able to celebrate Jordan's birthday while they were there.


The four young Yuck ladies sporting their beautiful hairdo's!

 Victoria, enjoying her food….sitting up like a big girl!

They were able to attend a hockey game of Caleb's favorite team, the Senators!  This was Victoria's first time staying with Grammy and Grandpa Yuck for an extended amount of time without her mommy, but she did an excellent job.  She had lots of aunties to help keep her busy!

Mom giving Victoria her bottle.  Look at how big that little girlie is getting!

Victoria has just started walking, so it was a real treat for Mom and Dad to be able to see her in person!

In her adorable red sled...

...all smiles!!!
Daddy giving her rides in the sled

Cute little monkey with a cute monkey hat!
I love her smile in this photo!

Jordan sent us the photos below from Victoria's 1st birthday party from a few days before Christmas!


This was Christmas morning!

After their lovely visit with all the Yucks, Dad and Mom flew back in on Monday, where we were excitedly waiting to pick them up!  We arrived a little early, so we were able to watch their plane come in and we even saw the truck go by with Dad's suitcase on it!

We picked them up and then we all went out to eat at the Flight Deck (that delicious restaurant I was telling you about in one of my last posts).  We had a wonderful time of catching up and hearing all about their trip.  We are glad that they were able to go and we were thrilled to see their pictures when they got back!
(The tall fellow in the back is Superman! He,he,he!)

Superman #1, Superman #2, and Superman #3...

When we arrived home that night, this picture was waiting in our email inbox...
Victoria in her swimsuit all ready for Florida!

Just a few short weeks away and they'll be making their annual trip!  We can't wait to see them again!

P.S. After writing this post, I realized you all might be wondering what we kids did during that week while the folks were away.  Well...we ate TV dinners, and watched movies, and stayed up late, and played games, and ate way too much dessert, and just took it easy.  Oh, and we did all the farm work, chores and jobs while they were gone as well.  But, we had a fun time at home and had our own little vacation! : )