Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Baby Yuck has arrived!!!!!

Abigail Prudence Yuck 
was born at 5:12 pm today (March 15th, 2017)!!!

Mama and baby are both doing good!  Little Abigail is beautiful, and Mama did a good job!

She was born on her Grandpa Paul's 63rd birthday, so it was a sweet birthday blessing for him!

The Caleb Yuck family is now a growing family of 6!  Wow!  It's amazing how time flies, because.....

Jordan and Caleb just celebrated their 5th anniversary on March 10th!  It's wonderful to see how the Lord is growing their sweet little family.  We are so happy for them and are praising the Lord for this newest little blessing!

Happy Anniversary Caleb and Jordan!  And congratulations on your newest little one, sweet little Abigail!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mom's Birthday!

Yesterday was Mom's birthday!

"Shelly Rae"

Shelly - meadow on a ledge, rest, lamb
Rae - grace, the innocent lamb, wise protection

meaning behind her name: "restful, peaceful grace"

 We are so grateful to have such a mother.  She is the type of woman who everyone is better off by having known her. I'm so thankful to be able to grow up in her shadow; she is my role-model.
We love you Mom!  Happy Birthday!

Jordan's Update on Her Due Date

Jordan's due date (March 15th) is coming up here shortly, only about two weeks away!  She's been feeling good, which is always a blessing.  Caleb has been spending the last couple of weeks building bunk beds for the girls, as well as a big wall closet in the basement and they are nearing the completion of those projects just in time for their new little daughter to arrive.  We can't wait to "meet" this newest little blessing.  Stay tuned....