Thursday, January 7, 2010

Splitting Wood

It has been a very cold winter for us this year. It usually gets cold for a few days and then we get a reprieve, but it has been cold and has gotten even colder this week. We have been using the fireplace more than we usually do so our wood piles are slowly diminishing. So Tuesday we decided that if we wanted to continue to have a fire every day that there was some splitting to be done. We donned our winter attire and went to the wood pile.

A couple years ago, Dad and our grandparents had bought us a gas powered log splitter. It works great (when it wants to). Tuesday was no exception. Dad had started it for us before he went to town and said that we should be fine until it ran out of gas. So we set to work. We were able to get about 1/3 of our pile done before it quit on us. After a few attempts to get it started we decided to wait for another day.

Today the temperature reached 49 degrees. It was wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun again. Pop said that he would come and take a look at our log splitter and after a little work was able to get it started. Gram had brought up her electric chainsaw so she was able to cut some of the pieces shorter so that they would fit on the splitter.

Even Katelynn (one of the twins) helped. We had her picking up the small pieces to use for starters. She did try to help Ethan carry some of the bigger pieces to Savannah, who was stacking. Elaina (the other twin) joined us later after she woke up from a 3 hour nap. She only lasted for a little while though before she said she was cold so I took her and her sister back inside.

The pile of logs was soon down to two logs, which Ethan wanted to keep as targets for when he throws his knife. We thank the Lord for blessing us with beautiful weather, time spent working together and two nice big stacks of firewood.

P.S. Dad surprised us today by bringing home a new, much needed, gas powered chainsaw! Praise the Lord!

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