Thursday, March 18, 2010

Old food....

My grandparents were cleaning out an old shed from a house that their church has owned but is now selling. In the shed they found tons of glass canning jars! The only draw back was that the jars were full of canned food. So the plan was that we were going to empty the jars, wash them, and put them in the attic till summer. Well, wasn't as easy as it sounds. Some of the food was so old that we had to use knives to scrape it out of the jars. And some of the lids were so rusty that Poppy was the only one who could get them open. But the worst part of the whole deal was the SMELL!!! It was horrible! Some of the pears and jellies didn't look so bad, but the canned chicken...well, I'll leave that one up to your imagination! (Let's just say that it no longer LOOKED like chicken!) We did find a date on a couple of the jars. Can you believe that they dated back to 1991 and 1985! Too bad that I didn't get any pictures of that job!
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