Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Whew! What a week!

Okay, so a lot has been going on lately! It all started with preparation for the Herb Faire. The Herb Faire is a festival that we sell at twice a year. They have vendors there selling antiques, baked goods, plants, arts and crafts, etc. So we go and sell our soaps, breads, cheese, lotions, lip balms, and other stuff. It usually takes a couple weeks to get ready to go with the last day being the "crunch" day. It was no different this year.

The fair was this past Saturday, so on Thursday we were busy getting our preparations ready and making cheese. Everything seemed to revolve around cheese this last week: make the cheese at 10:00, scoop cheese at 3:00, ball up cheese at 7:00 and so on and so forth. Friday rolled around and it found us again preparing for the Herb Faire, but also working on putting the dry wall up for the dairy ceiling! (Yes, I'm a little behind in my steps for the dairy! We finished siding it and staining it. Poppy put in the electric, and we have now been working on getting the dry wall up. We have also been informed that we will now have to put in a septic system, but that's a long story.)

So on Friday we were down to the "crunch". Half of us were working on the dairy while the other half were working on getting ready for the fair. The dry wall was coming along nicely, and Jordan and I had just gone to get subs for everyone when all of a sudden Poppy cut his hand open. He was cutting the dry wall with a pair of box/carpet cutters. He was holding the cutters in his right hand while he punched out the seam that he had just cut, but when he punched it out, the dry wall started to slip and as he tried to grab it the box cutters came down slicing his palm a good inch and a half. Dad drove him down to his house to change and by then Jordan and I were home with lunch. So he stayed and ate and then Gram took him to Doctor's Care. (Since Jordan and I were gone when the whole thing happened, I really didn't believe them when they told us. You have to understand that Poppy NEVER gets hurt. This just happened to be the ONLY time that he didn't set down the cutters when he punched out the seam. So I asked to see the cut while we were eating (mistake!) and he showed me. It was deep. I have never seen a cut that deep in person! There is no way I could have eaten before going to the doctor, but he did!)

He ended up having to get 4 double stitches (really more like 8). They said that it just missed the tendon. You could see the tendon through the cut, but praise the Lord, it didn't get sliced. His golf had to be postponed for the week, but that is minor compared to what could have happened!

Then on Friday night, Poppy's brother and sister-in-law from Wisconsin came down. We had a nice time visiting with them over the weekend and were thankful for the time that we shared with them.

Saturday arrived! The big day! Everything went well. The weather was just beautiful, not too hot, not too cold and everything worked out just right!

(Jordan's pillowcase dresses)

After the fair we were looking forward to a nice relaxing Sunday. It was not to be so! For the past week, we have had a friend's bee hive at our house waiting to take it to another friend to get some bees for them. Well, on Sunday we looked out our back window at the barn and saw a huge swarm of bugs. Some type of bug. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a swarm of bees! And they were all going right into that bee hive! There must have been two thousand of them swarming around. After about 30 minutes they were all in the hive settling down. Right away we started calling people asking what we were supposed to do. The friend who owned the hive came down and picked it up. What an interesting evening!

So that pretty much covers what we've been doing! What an interesting week!!!

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