Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We're Approved!!!

Today we had our cheese room inspection and we PASSED!!! We are now USDA approved to sell cheese and baked goods! Praise the Lord! We now have the milk room inspection on Monday...

We had the septic system installed a couple of weeks ago and the front and back lean to's are built. The gas line for the heater and the stove was put in yesterday, and we are supposed to work on the fencing for the goats on Friday. The shelves have been built in the storage room and everything that was in our house pertaining to soap and cheese is now out in the dairy! (Hooray! We are getting our house back! Jordan rearranged the study, while Savannah and I tackled the kitchen and laundry room, where all that stuff had previously been stored, to make it more functional.) It is so exciting to see it finally coming to a close! I'll try to post pictures soon!

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