Saturday, October 2, 2010

Quirky Goats!

Dora is our matron milk goat. 
She is about 7 and was one of the first
we bought for milking. 
Here are some funny pictures of her rubbing in the grass!!!

"All better!"


  1. I read about your farm in The State Paper article about the Farmers Market at the Mill. I live in Lexington, and would very interested in learning more about your products. Could you send me a price list or products that come available? Thanks a heap

  2. Hi there! I just love your blog. I've been looking around getting ideas for my own little farm in Kentucky. Currently I just have chickens but I'm very seriously considering goats. I love goat cheese and milk! Yum!!

    My introduction to goats came when as a little girl I had an awful allergy to poison ivy. I had to have shots and oral meds throughout the summer. Then... our pastor's wife gave me goat's milk which came from goats that had been eating poison ivy. I drank it daily for several weeks and low & behold while I still get minor breakouts I've never had a major one since.

    Thanks for allowing me to look around your awesome blog!!! Your obvious love for the Lord and His good earth is very heartening!! God bless!


  3. Hello Phillip!
    Our price list is featured at the top of our blog under "More Info About Us", the tab "Trail Ridge Farm Price List". We also have a email list that you could sign up for that gives updates about our farm, tours, products, and such. If you have trouble viewing the price list, leave me another comment and I'll get back with you! Also, my father, Kelly Hammond, is at the All-Local Farmer's Market on Whaley Street every Saturday with some of our products if you would like to stop by! If you need directions let me know! Thanks!
    -Kelsey Hammond

  4. Hello Dana!
    Your poison ivy story was amazing! I'll have to keep that one in mind! We are constantly hearing more and more stories about the amazing benefits of goat's milk!
    We enjoyed looking at your blog too! It looks like you stay busy also!
    Thanks so much for your comments!
    -Kelsey Hammond