Monday, November 1, 2010

Twin Sisters

Katelynn and Elaina
(Our Twin Cousins)

Twin Sisters

Twin sister, here beside me,
hold on to my hand tight.
For we know not what lay ahead,
but next to you I'll be all right.

When you fall down, I'll help you up,
you do the same for me;
You'll get a bandage for my cut,
I'll kiss the boo-boo on your knee.

Twin Sister, here beside me
together we will walk,
Together we will cry and laugh,
together we will talk.

One of these tomorrows,
our childhood will end.
So promise me, Twin Sister
that you'll stay my dearest friend.

Someday in our Lord's good time,
I know we both must die.
I will go to meet my Savior Jesus
in His home up in the sky.

So promise me, Twin Sister,
that you will belieive in Him as well.
Jesus loves you, dearest sister,
He wants to save your soul from Hell.

Jesus wants you, dearest sister,
to spend eternity with Him.
Won't you receive His gift, Twin Sister,
repent of your sins and let Him in.

And someday, Twin Sister,
when we meet Jesus in the sky,
We'll have no fear, we'll have no dread
we'll have no need to cry.

I'll say "Twin Sister, here beside me,
Hold on to my hand tight.
We know our Savior waits ahead,
and with Him we'll be all right."

Elaina and Katelynn
 Posted by Jordan

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