Thursday, December 23, 2010

A lighter side...

Noah has recently rediscovered his joke book that Mom and Dad bought him last Christmas, so we have been hearing a lot of,
"Hey, I've got another joke to tell you!  What do you get when a..."

But he has really been enjoying himself and some of them really do make you chuckle!

So,..from our family to yours, here's some funnies:

What starts with a "t", ends with a "t", and has t in it?
Give up yet?
(Answer is at the bottom)
A nun was driving on Interstate 20.  Suddenly a cop pulled her over.
"Officer," said the nun, "I know I wasn't speeding.  I saw a sign a while back that said 20 and that's what I was going."
The officer replied, "No ma'am, you weren't speeding.  I pulled you over because you were going too slow.  The speed limit is 60 mph.  That sign you saw back there was I-20."
"Oh, sorry about that.  We don't get out much."
The officer looked in the back seat where two more nuns sat with their hands grabbing the seat in front of them, knuckles white.
"What's wrong with those two?" asked the officer.
"Oh, I just got off I-95," came the nun's reply.

Why was six afraid of seven?
(Answer is at the bottom)
Two farmers each received $1,000,000. 
One farmer asked the other, "What are you going to do with your money?"
"I'm going to move to Florida, buy myself a big house, and live the easy life!  What are you going to do with your money?"
"Well," replied the first farmer, "I'll probably just keep farming till it's all used up."

1st: A teapot!
2nd: Because seven ate/eight nine!

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