Saturday, July 23, 2011

Clancy's First Bath

Here are some pictures from Clancy's first bath!  It left him shaking and hiccupping!  He is so cute!
Little rag-a-muffin!

Fast asleep!
Oh, wait a minute!  Are you all waiting to hear how this week went with Caleb and Jordan??? I almost forgot!  -grin!-  Okay, okay!  More info on that coming up shortly!  Oh, the suspense...

Posted schemingly by Kelsey ; )


  1. Ok, too funny! Caleb came downstairs and said, "Let's check out the Hammond's blog. Kelsey's just updated.". Needless to say, this isn't what he was expecting! LOL!

  2. Of course, Clancy is VERY cute! Guess I should've mentioned that! ;-)

  3. Very funny, Kelsey.......
    You know, you did tell the children that you were going to update it on Friday or Saturday. So, we've been checking every evening! We had green bean casserole for dinner tonight in honor of Caleb's trip to the States. It was such a pleasure meeting him! Looking forward to updates!
    The Way Family