Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The Hammond Family...

 The Yuck Family...

 One BIG HAPPY family!

 One very confused little girl...
"Are they supposed to be doing that?"

 Our terrific photographers, Matthew Weaver and his wife Paige, said that in all their years of wedding photography, they have never seen the bride alone at the banquet table! 
We all got a chuckle out of that one!

 My very handsome brothers who are growing up way too quickly!


  1. At least everyone left the bride alone long enough so she could get something to eat. :) I've seen so many weddings where the couple leaves their own wedding dinner without having been able to eat a single bite because of everyone talking to them. At one wedding we attended, the thoughtful mother of the groom packed a doggie bag for the couple, and they were eating as they pulled away because they were hungry!
    Loved all the pictures. They make such a lovely couple.


  2. Jordan says Caleb had gone to get her a drink, so he hadn't abandoned her!! And yes, Victoria, they truly do make a lovely couple, outwardly and inwardly. :-)