Monday, September 10, 2012

The Last Couple of Weeks

 For the last couple of days we have been enjoying a nice change in the weather!  It's feeling a little bit like fall!  We are ready to break out the tent and roast some smore's, hot dogs, and pies over the fire!  Yes, that's right!  I said pies over the fire!  We have a contraption called a pie iron similar to the item pictured below.  You lay one slice of bread in the deep side, pour the pie filling in and lay another slice of bread on top, clamp the top of the iron to the bottom, cook it over the fire and ta-daa!  You have a pie for one!  Delicious!
So, on to what we have been doing lately, not what we wish we were doing...; )
We received our batch of meat chickens for the year and are now 2 1/2 weeks into the process of raising them.  Noah went out to the barn to check on them with me one evening, and I took the camera out with us.  I asked if he would hold this one and pose for a picture.  He agreed but when I finished he asked if he had to do that with all 50 birds!  I just laughed and told him that the only reason I did it was because I wanted a picture of him, not the chicken!  You've got to love brothers!!!

A friend at church recently helped me download Instagram on Dad's phone and showed me how to use it, so here is my first picture with it!  (Instagram is a photo editing app.)

Savannah and I at the Farmer's Market.
We had to clean out the goat barn about a month ago (I know, old pictures!), so we asked some of Ethan's friends from church if they would like to help (with payment, of course!).  They were cheery helpers and hard workers and with everyone's help we got it done in good time!

Clancy's dog classes ended last week and he graduated with flying colors!  Our whole family went and "supported" him!  It gave Ethan a chance to show everyone what he and Clancy had been learning, so it was a fun evening!

Clancy "calls shotgun" every time we are on the way home!  Not the way to class, mind you, just the way back home!  Funny dog!

We think he may get slightly claustrophobic in class, because he sticks his nose in the air vent all the way home and breathes deeply!

We have wild grapes that grow in the woods around here, so each August we beat the heat and pick as many as we can.  The wild grapes go by either muscadines, scupanons, or bolis (which is what we call them).
We ended up with about 18 quarts of bolis in one morning of picking.
Sweet family...


  1. Looks like a very busy time at your house. Clancy seems like a dog with lots of personality.


  2. Sounds like you have had a very fun-filled couple of weeks! :) Keep us updated! See you at church on Sunday!

    --Guess who?