Thursday, November 15, 2012

Random Pictures Taken on the Cell Phone

The pictures from this post were all taken from Dad's cell phone.  Several of these pictures we taken using Instagram.  It's kind of a fun program to play around with!
This is a picture of Billionaire Bars.  They are delicious!  In fact, as I make my grocery list this week, these ingredients might just end up on it! He, he, he!  
This picture was taken at the start of our cooler weather.  The four of us kids slept out in our tent in the front yard.  Gram, Pop, Mom and Dad joined us for roasting hot dogs and smores over the fire and it turned out to be a very enjoyable evening!

These pictures were taken at a friend's house during milking time.  They let everyone try milking their least those of us who wanted to give it a try!


This picture was taken at one of the markets that we sell at.  Ethan and I sold at this one, while Dad sold at another.  My, how grown up Ethan's getting!  Time flies!

I hope you all enjoyed that collection of photos! 
 I enjoyed looking back through them!


  1. Hi!
    I enjoy the pictures ya'll post on here! Keep it up! (: I hope you have a blessed week and a happy Thanksgiving!
    See you on Sunday,

  2. Thanks, Rachel, for your sweet comment! I hope that you have a wonderful week as well! See you at church!