Tuesday, July 9, 2013

At the Lake...

 A few Fridays ago, our family traveled up to the lake to enjoy a day of swimming, relaxing, and hanging out together.  Gram, Pop, Uncle Derald, and Aunt Frankie joined us, and we all had a lovely family time!  The lake is about an hour away, so we left after milking in the morning, spent the afternoon at the lake and made it home in time to milk in the evening!


Enjoying lunch cooked over the grill.  Hotdogs always taste better when eaten outside...don't you think?

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Out on the water

Gram and Vanna

We took Clancy along!  It was his first time in the water and although he was slightly nervous to begin with, I think he ended really enjoying himself by the end of the day!

...our delicious dinner!
Everyone was worn out by the time we headed home, but I think we all had a swell time!  We are already talking about going again!

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