Saturday, September 21, 2013

Introducing Our New Farm Hand

Or should I say "Our New Farm Paw"!

Meet Mist...

Mist is a one and a half year old, full-blooded Border Collie!  She is sweet, loves to please, and is a fast learner!

Bringing her home...she was quite comfortable with us from the beginning!

1st day

We picked Mist up right after we got back from our trip to Canada.  Our goal for her is to teach her how to herd the goats.  When we got her, she barely knew any basic commands, but she has proved very willing to learn and enjoys trying new things.  She loves "going to work" with the goats and is already responding well to our commands!  Hopefully she will work out to be the kind of dog that we need!

We have always heard the horror stories behind getting a Border Collie...
"Oh, you are really going to have to work that kind of dog!"
"They are super hyper and need a lot of outdoor time to wear them out..."
"Do you know how hard they are to train?"
And so on and so on.
But boy did we get a good dog, because she is gentle, docile, hardworking when she needs to be, attentive, and the quickest learning dog that we have ever trained.  Border collies might just be our new thing!

Here are some pictures of Mist working...


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  1. Jordan told us she's doing really well, is proving to be an asset. We're so glad about that. She surely looks like a very sweet pup!