Friday, July 22, 2016


Ethan is 17 and is the fourth born in our family and the first boy.

Ethan has taken an interest in expanding Dad's pool and pond business, so he has successfully spent the past two or more years growing it and picking up his own clients.  He has taken several online courses on pond building and after working with Dad on them for almost half his life, he's gotten quite good at it.  He has to figure out the calculations behind how big to build it, how much rock to order, what kind of plants would look good around it, how many gallons of water it holds, what size pump it will need, how much piping will it be, etc.  He also has an eye for design and gets to use his creativity when building a pond for a customer.  Below is a picture of just one of the ponds that he has built this summer. 

Him and Dad have also split up their pool cleaning route, so that they break it up and get all of their pools done in half the time.  Ethan takes a friend of his and they do one route together, while Dad and Noah take the other route.

Because of the nature of his business with all of the heavy hauling, Ethan also bought a truck this past spring.  His first vehicle!  To say he's pleased with his find would be an understatement.  ;-)  It's a nice reliable truck that was well kept and it does the job.  

Ethan is also great with the nieces and works as a wonderful entertainer for them!  He always has some idea or another to keep them busy and laughing.  He is seriously hoping for a nephew here soon so that he can start buying camouflage, and trucks, and guns, and boy stuff!

He's going into his last year of school in August, and I'm sure he'll be glad when he gets his diploma next spring!

Ethan is an all round sports-loving guy.  He can't wait for football season to start so he can watch his team win (hopefully).  He has also taken up disc golf and volleyball since his brother-in-law Matthew introduced them to him and really enjoys the competition.  His newest hobby that he's just started has been karate.  Him and Noah and several of their buddies go twice a week to a class and they are all loving it!

Ethan, along with Savannah, got braces this past winter, so they are "enjoying" them together.  Okay, okay, so maybe they aren't enjoying them, but it is kind of nice to that they are going through it together so they can bounce things off of each other, like similar pains, and missing out on certain foods together.

Ethan is also one of our farm's top market salesman.  He goes to the market each Saturday with Dad and can sell cheese like no other!  He has great spiel and can think of something delicious to do with each of the individual cheeses.

Ethan is a godly, young man and we are so thankful that he is a part of our family.  He is a huge help and it's great to have another man around.

"Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong."
1 Corinthians 16:13

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