Friday, October 7, 2016

The Karate Boys

Ethan and Noah, along with 3 of their friends, have recently taken up Karate classes.  And they are loving it!

They come home from each class with new techniques to show us and funny stories to tell.

Our whole family decided to attend one of their bi-weekly classes to see the action for ourselves.  They were pretty impressive!

There teacher is a Christian gentleman who is interested in teaching the techniques of karate without all of the "spiritual" aspects, so we appreciate that.  

It's also a good form of exercise and balance practice!

It's nice that they have their friends to do it with them.  They are all really getting into it with the kicks, punches, sparing gear, belts and stripes.  Hopefully they'll never have the need to use it in real life, but if they do, watch out for the Kung Fu Hammonds! ;-)

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