Thursday, December 1, 2016

Matthew's Birthday!!!

My sweetheart husband turns 26 years old today!

Words can't describe the love I have in my heart for this man.  He is so loving, caring, and tender towards me that it amazes me.  He takes such good care of me and now Benjamin as well.  I love watching him be a daddy.  Matthew is hardworking and loves to be doing something.  And he is pretty much the most talented guy I know.  He's better than the man of my dreams because there's no way I could've dreamt up someone so wonderful!

I'm blessed to call this man my husband and I'm looking forward to celebrating many more wonderful birthdays with him in the future!  Happy birthday, babe!  I love you!

Matthew, with his cheesy brothers!

My babe and my baby! ;-)

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  1. Aww what a sweet tribute. Happy Birthday Matthew!