Sunday, June 13, 2010

Update on the Dairy!

Okay, so here it is...the update on the dairy. We are getting so close to finishing! The only things left are the plumbing, the septic system, the lean to's, blow-in insulation in the attic, and the French drains. Okay, so maybe there is a little bit more than I thought! But we are getting there...!

I think that the last that I wrote about the dairy, we were just putting up the drywall. We know have the drywall up and painted, the electric done, the air conditioners in, the trim up and almost all the way painted, the doors painted and installed, and everything has been caulked. We have been blessed to have Gram and Pop's help all the way through! They are such hard workers and we certainly couldn't have done it without their help! Even when it's 99 degrees inside the rooms, they still keep going! Gram is a wonderful painter and has taught us a lot, like how to paint the top of the wall without getting it on the ceiling! Poppy is a great teacher and taught us how to install sockets and switches and light fixtures and so much more! They are certainly wonderful! There just aren't enough words in the whole world to express how grateful we are...
We decided to paint the walls white so that they would be easier to clean and we painted the ceilings blue to keep the flys off (it's an old custom from Charleston, SC). We did metal 4 feet and below so that it would be easier to wash. The storage room is the only room that didn't have to follow any regulations, so we painted it a pretty green!
The Cheese Room view #1

The Cheese Room view #2
Looking into the Cheese Room from the Milk Processing Room

The Milk Processing Room view #1
(Right leads into the Milking Parlor, left leads into the Cheese Room)

The Milk Processing Room view #2

The Milking Room view #1
(leading into the Milk Processing Room)

The Milking Parlor view #2

The Storage Room view #1

The Storage Room view #2

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