Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's up at the Hammond House?

Okay...deep breath. So a lot has been going on at our house lately. So much that I have hardly had a chance to catch up in life let alone blog about it!

First things first...our family recently attended a home school graduation for a friend of ours. It was a lovely ceremony, but unfortunately this is the only picture that we took. It was a beautiful picture of Mom and Dad though, so I just had to post it!

We also had a good visit with our close friends, the Willards. It's been a while since we've seen them, and it was a wonderful time to catch up!
That same week we also attended a revival with another family that we are close to, the Reasons. The revival was in Warrenville, SC at the church that my parents went to when they first moved down to South Carolina. The reason that we went was to see Mr. Geof Kimber. We went to listen to him sing 12 years ago, bought one of his cassettes, copied it to a CD, lost the CD, and finally listened to the cassette soooo much that we wore it out. So while we were looking for a place where we could get another of his CDs, we stumbled across his blog that stated that he was going to be in the area! We have had it planned on our calendar for 4 months to go to this revival. Mr. Geof Kimber is from "Down Under" but currently lives in Myrtle Beach. His music is "kinda contemporary. kinda country. fairdinkum Christian music bloke". He has a genuine heart for the Lord and His work, and it shows through his music. We thoroughly enjoyed the four nights that we got to listen to him and are still enjoying the new CDs we bought! His blog is
Our garden has been coming in like crazy! And we actually have squash and cucumber and zucchini this year! Over about a five year period we have slowly been losing our ability to grow squash. The first year we picked a ton of squash, the second a little bit less and we noticed some beetles on the squash leaves. It has continually gotten worse until last year we didn't get any; the squash beetles got to it before we did. But this year...someone told us to try planting radishes around the squash, cucumber and zucchini when we planted them...and so far, IT WORKS!!!
Ethan got a mini bike! My Mom and Dad both had one when they were younger and loved it, so Gram wanted us to have one too! She has been watching for one with a good price for a long time and finally found one at Tractor Supply. So she bought it! And Ethan has been riding it all over ever since! We had a go-cart, but it was so bumpy on our trails that it just wasn't comfortable, but this mini bike is nice! All of us kids can ride it and do; we've even had races with the go-cart and the mini bike and the golf cart! (This helmet was actually my Dad's from when he was a kid.)
So...I said a lot has been happening, and that's not even including the dairy! I'll have to post that soon! We're getting there!!!

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  1. Sounds like fun! The cows got into my garden and all I have left is cilantro. Oh well, maybe a fall garden. :) You asked how I found your blog...well, I don't remember. I was 'blog surfing'. (Going from one blog to another, on links from other peoples blogs)