Monday, August 29, 2011

Cheese Day

We thought you all would like to see what an average cheese day would look like!  So here goes...


A hard working crew!

Yours truly
We usually take our MP3 player out with us and listen to a few sermons.  One of our favorite speakers to listen to is S.M. Davis.  I believe he has a sermon on almost any subject you could think of!  Some of our other favorites are Paul Washer, Voddie Baucham, Doug Phillips, Scott Brown, Phillipe Pinero, and several others.  It definitely makes for a shorter day if you have something to listen to!
The "cheesemakers"

Posted by Kelsey


  1. I have never heard of Phillipe Pinero. Is he on SermonAudio? Have you ever heard Rev. Bill Einwechter? I have heard several of his sermons.

    Do you sell your cheese? If you do, Are there a lot of requirements you have to meet? (how many sinks you have to have and such)

  2. Hello Lydia!

    I don't believe Philipe Pinero is on SermonAudio. We heard about him through S.M. Davis. I think I may have heard of Rev. Bill Einwechter before. Is he on SermonAudio?

    We do sell our cheese. Right now we are up to five markets a week; two on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, and two on Saturday. We did have to follow certain regulations that SC required, such as a septic tank and hand sinks and drains in the floor and such. They did require three compartment sinks. We have four rooms in our dairy: a storage room, a milking parlor, a milk processing room, and the cheese room. We just built it last year and we are so glad that we did!