Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Culprit: Clancy....

We walked into the kitchen the other day and found this laying in the middle of the floor....
Apparently, Clancy got bored and pulled this out of the dishwasher that someone had left open.  We have since learned to put Clancy outside whenever we are doing dishes! 

He is going to be a big dog!


  1. Totally, totally ADORABLE! Ok, maybe not the chewing part, but certainly the looking part! And yes indeed, he IS going to be huge!

  2. Whew! It took me a minute to figure out what that was! An animal paw.....a fried chicken leg.... Very glad it was just a wooden spoon - I think!
    We enjoyed our visit the other day. I'll be surprised if we make the next one! :)
    Much Love,
    Jennifer and The Ways