Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Rather Large Glimpse of Jordan's Trip to Canada!!!

The next several pictures are from Jordan's trip to Canada to see Caleb and his family from September 1st - 15th.  I started out simply posting my favorite pictures from her trip, but I ended up with quite a few! 
The night Jordan arrived and the flowers Caleb met her with at the airport.

Jordan "helping" Caleb move haybales.

Going out to milk

My sister distributing flyers for Caleb's butcher business

Caleb distributing flyers

Out milking...doesn't she look natural?

Breakfast at the Yuck's

Caleb celebrated his 24th birthday while Jordan was there and she bought a mock present for him
-this orange tie.  Doesn't he look pleased?!?  She did get him a real present too!

Out to milk...they did a lot of that!  (he,he,he)

Dear sweet Bethany - as close as a sister

Blessing, Honour, Libby, and Cherish

The lovely Mr. and Mrs. Yuck

Chaperone Bethany

Chaperone Blessing

Chaperone Cherish

Ice skating

One of my favorites

Cherish and Liberty with her chaperoning binoculars
(too cute!)

Bethany's cart

Sister, sister

Goofing around!

Stacking firewood

This one's a big'un!

For more wonderful pictures from Jordan's trip you can visit the Yuck's blog-


P.S. There are a couple more pictures coming of the surprise visit.  Check back soon!

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