Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Surprise Visit!!!

These pictures were taken the night before Jordan was supposed to leave.  She had just gotten off the phone with us...

...when Caleb and Bethany told her to close her eyes because they had a surprise for her. They each returned with a suitcase. Jordan thought they were giving her an extra suitcase to pack all her stuff in, until...

...Bethany asked, "How would you like some company?"

Jordan: "You''re coming with me?" 

Caleb sang "Come fly with me, come fly, come fly away" to her!

The three traveling companions...

On their way to South Carolina...

On our way to pick up "Jordan".  Only Mom and Dad knew that Caleb and Bethany were coming too/

At the Charlotte airport, moments before the big surprise...

...and a very happy reunion!  You can imagine our surprise when Jordan came around the corner and then Noah said, "Hey, that looks like Caleb!"  Dad, pulling his leg, replied, "No, it can't be!" 
Noah:  "It is!  And Bethany!"

Notice the shock on our faces as the story is slowly unraveled!  We did a lot of
"So that's why you had us do that!"  or "I was wondering why you said that!"

Out to lunch!

 Riding home

Later that night, after dinner, Jordan and Caleb went out to do their Bible reading.
This last picture was taken only about a half hour before Caleb proposed to Jordan, in the exact place where he asked her.  Hopefully I'll be able to post those pictures soon!

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