Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I haven't been posting about much else than the wedding lately, so the next two posts will be about the animals!

Little did we know that when we got this little cutie pie that he would turn into...

...this BIG cutie pie!
This is actually our other dog, Toby's, bed, but Clancy likes to sleep in it when Toby isn't!  But, he doesn't quite fit in it, so we had to get him an upgrade.

Many times he can be found keeping an eye on the house from the picnic table on the back porch!

What's even funnier is we have a habit of cutting pictures out of magazines of things we like, such as ideas for house decorations, or flowers that we'd someday like to find the name of and plant, or...pets that we would someday like to have.  So, the other day, Mom stumbled upon this picture of a dog that she would like to have someday, and boy, we couldn't have gotten any closer to this picture with Clancy if we'd tried!

Here's a video of Clancy.  He is, for the most part, Ethan's dog.  So Ethan has taught him a couple of tricks, such as the one that you will see in the video, that are a little out of the ordinary! 
(The volume is really low on this video, but both Dad and Ethan are asking Clancy to "give me a hug!"  Clancy's response is funny!) 

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  1. Somebody needs to tell Clancy who pays for his food.:) The video was hilarious.