Thursday, May 3, 2012

More goat pictures

Some of the first freshners...

"Alright, girls,... if we span out in a line like this, we can cover the whole field in a matter of, well, it might take longer than we think..."

Sisters Ginger and Sugar eating together, with Emma walking into the picture.


 Ginger loved getting her picture taken.

Matron milkers Allie and Dreamer waiting to come into the milking parlor.

When we got this goat two years ago, we didn't know her name, but she wouldn't stand still in the milking stanchion.  Until...we started singing to her, and then she stood as still as anything.  She really liked "You Are My Sunshine", which is how she got her name!  Now she is such a darling and is one of our biggest producers!

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