Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Goats: The New Saanens

I finally got around to posting pictures of our new Saanen does that we bought.  Another dairy farmer that we know was selling his whole herd, so we were blessed to get five of them that were from the same farm and all comfortable with each other.  There were two four years olds, and three two year olds.  They are quite the curious creatures and we are getting quite a kick out of them!
This is Flower (I believe!) who somehow got the gate of the hay rack opened and jumped in!
This is Albert on the left and Kimee on the right.  Kimee is "the boss"!  Albert is a full blooded Alpine buck who was thrown in on the deal when we bought the five Saanens!  He is a gem!

And he is so funny too!  He has the most expressive eyes and makes the funniest faces!

This is Bell...dear sweetheart!

This is Sugar....can you tell them apart yet?

This is Snowy!  She definitely has a mind of her own! 
I don't quite trust turning my back on this one yet! 
More photos to come!

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