Friday, April 25, 2014

January, February and March, oh my! part 1

Hi Everybody!  As my title suggests, we have had a very busy last few months!  

We have had a lot of baby goats born so far, with only about 10 more does to kid.  Below are some pictures around the farm...

Mist, on the job!

Our guard dog, hanging out by the chicken coop.

Mist, sittin' on her dogloo!

~ ~ ~ 
The Ice Storm of 2014....after the snow that we had which I mentioned in a couple of posts ago, we had a follow-up ice storm.  It really made a mess of all the trees in the area, and we were without power for 3 1/2 days.  Thankfully Dad had went out before it hit and bought us a generator, which was a life-saver down at the dairy.  I sure am glad we didn't have to milk all our goats by hand!  He later went out and bought an extra generator for the house, so he wouldn't have to transport the one we have back and forth.  Being without electricity for 3 1/2 days was enough for me!  We were all very thankful when the lights cut back on!  Thomas Edison is my hero!

Ethan, Noah and the dog, Clancy, surviving without electricity by playing Connect 4.

Me, warming up by the fire.  As you can see the pile behind me, we kept our changes of clothes next to the fire to keep them warm!

It's driving me crazy! LOL!

Dad all bundled up and working on moving the generators around.

Mom reading

Clancy bundled up staying warm. 

~ ~ ~ 
We celebrated Mom's birthday in February.
Noah, with the books he bought her.

~ ~ ~ 
On the first day of March, Jordan (my sister), Caleb and Victoria came down for a visit!  We are always so excited to see them!
Jordan, posing with her baby belly!  

Caleb's family surprised us by stopping in for a few hour visit on their way down to Florida as well!  It was wonderful being able to share a meal with them and just enjoy each other's company!  They are  such a sweet family and we love visiting with them!
Auntie Bethany with Victoria

Dad and Jordan

Auntie Libby with Victoria

Savannah, Gram and Pop

Mrs. Debbie Yuck

Mr. Paul Yuck and Mom

Dad and his little granddaugther! 

So, while Caleb and Jordan were down visiting, they decided that they would tell us the name of their new little baby, due on July 2nd!  Well, maybe "tell" isn't quite the right word to use.  That would be too easy.  So instead of simply telling us the baby's name and letting us ooohh and aaahhh over it, they decided to make us work for it, as the pictures below indicate!  They put one letter of her name, first and middle names, in a balloon.  We then had to proceed to pop each ballon by sitting on them or squishing them, and put all the letters together.  Each letter was marked with either a "1" or a "2" signifying if it was the first name or middle name.  So after all the balloons were popped and all the letters retrieved from whence they flew, we then had to unscramble all the letters and try to figure out what the name might be!  Trust me, it's a lot harder than it sounds!

It was loud!

And there was a lot of giggling, chuckling and outright guffawing going on!

Noah had the honors of the last balloon.



And thinking...

...and still thinking!

They finally had to give us a hint before we were able to guess it!  And since I'm not allowed to tell you all what the name is yet (he,he,he) all I can say is that...


The precious Yuck family, on their way to sunny Florida!

Caleb reading his little girl a book.

Uncle Ethan pushing Victoria around on a tricycle. 

Grandpa bought Victoria this new toy

and I think she liked it!

One of Victoria's favorite things to do is put things on her head, so naturally she loves hats!  Here she looks like a little fisherman!

And Dad found out the hard way that his little granddaughter has a special interest in glasses.  Look at how she twisted them completely around!  Talented!  Thankfully Dad was able to fix them!  We all got quite a chuckle out of that one!

And great-grandma came over one day and gave Victoria a whole doughnut!  She didn't quite know what to think of that!  It was pretty exciting for her!

We were able to go out to eat at Red Lobster again while they were here visiting.  Here are some pictures from the evening.

Group picture

She's such a ham!


Gram and Pop
Mom and Dad






Stay tuned for Part 2!

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  1. Busy and fun times at your house. It looks like there were lots of balloons for all those baby name letters. Must be a big a name.
    Hope your mom had a happy birthday.