Thursday, May 1, 2014

January, February and March, oh my! part 2

Okay, ready for some more pictures of the Yuck's visit?

At church

Noah playing football 

Ethan playing football

The menfolk conversing

Jordan had a wonderful time catching back up with all of the ladies from church!

Savannah, Mom and Victoria

Caleb, my one-of-a-kind brother-in-law!

Grandpa and Grandma with grand baby!

After being with us for a little over a week, they traveled down to Florida to catch up with the rest of the Yucks at Disney!  Victoria loves WATER as you can see!

Cool baby!

Victoria and Caleb watching the night show!

Group photo

Victoria is such a confident little gal, look at her just sitting on the sidewalk!

"I'm walking right down the middle of Main Street USA!"



These next couple of photos had me chuckling!  I can just hear how this must have went....
"Look Victoria!  Look at Mommy!  See her over there taking our picture?  Wave!"

Ah, there!  Victoria has spotted her mother, the reason for the joy on her little face!

Wait a minute!  What is that face for?

Isn't he such a goof!?!

A happy little girl and her smitten daddy!

One worn out little girl!

Family photo...Daddy, Mommy, Victoria and...ha,ha,ha!  You thought I'd slip!  Nope!  You'll not get Baby Yuck #2's name out of me!

While the Yuck's were down in Florida, we caught up on a little of our farm work...

The cats love to "help" out with whatever we are doing.

We built the goats a new mineral feeder.  It is really working well!

The goats love to go out in their field in the middle of the afternoon and in the middle of the night.  This picture was taken just as a few little sprigs of green grass were coming up!

Sunshine and Snowy, my favorite milking does in the same picture!

After a little while, Jordan, Caleb and Victoria came back to spend almost two more weeks with us!  

Victoria enjoying her Uncle Ethan!

She also had a good time playing with the Easter eggs!

Uncle Noah

The dogs even wanted to get in on the action.  They got chewed out for stealing the Easter eggs from Victoria, but they were each able to find pinecones to chew on!

Me goofing off...

Victoria goofing off,...hmmm.  Maybe she takes after her Auntie Kelsey!

She loves to take clothes out of the clean laundry baskets and put them on!  But she had a little trouble walking around with Uncle Noah's shirt on!


Caleb was able to take her for a ride on the four-wheeler a couple of times and she really liked it!

But her favorite activity while she was visiting was bottle-feeding the baby goats!  Auntie Vanna would let her help and she knew what times we fed them, so she would stick to Auntie Vanna like glue!  She knew when she woke up in the morning that Savannah would be feeding, so she would pop up and lean over the edge of her pack n' play saying, "Baby goat?  Baby goat?"  She was very cute!

Being gentle.


And Uncle Noah was doing it right back at her!  Cheese!

Double cheese!

Caleb and Victoria!

Victoria and Grandma taking a walk around the house!

Ethan and Victoria enjoying their pizza at Stevie B's, the place where we took the Yucks on their very first visit, which you can read about HERE.

After going out for pizza, we were able to enjoy a couple of games of bowling!

Even Victoria was able to get in on the action!

She is such a sweet little snuggle-bug!

And she really likes cameras!

Stay tuned for part 3!

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  1. Wonderful posts, Kelsey! Love all the pics! :-)