Thursday, May 1, 2014

January, February and March, oh my! part 3

Okay, this is the third and final installment!  

Here are some more pictures of Victoria having fun with the baby goats!

Helping feed the babies their bottles!

"Are you hungry little goat?"

I love the face she's making on this one!

Taking a look at the yearlings!

"A little closer,...a little bit closer..."

"Ah, here's one I can reach!"

And now on to the milking does!

With Grandma looking at some of the milkers.

I love, love, love the photo below!  It truly captures just how much she liked the baby goats!

Jordan and her little girly with the horses.

Helping Auntie Savannah bottle-feed again!

And Great-Grandma too!

The day before Caleb and Jordan left, Ethan washed their car.

And this is the "Car Wash Dance"...!  (he,he,he)

"Hmmm...I wonder if that scratch was already there?"
Just kidding, Caleb!

We were also able to enjoy a friendly game of putt-putt, or as Caleb calls it, miniature golf, which sounds too refined.  Putt-putt sounds like a lot more fun!  : )

Here the boys are with Victoria, enjoying watching a funny video on the I-Pad.

Looking at the baby goats AGAIN!

Nice kitty

Caleb, helping clean up from after the ice storm.

And I'll leave you with this photo of Victoria, the cute little girly that she is!  We can't wait to see her again and give her lots of hugs and kisses!


  1. Love, love, love all these photos! SO glad she was able to spend time with her wonderful southern family!!

  2. I don't know why the above wouldn't post as me, but as anonymous. Weird. Anyway, that was from her northern Grammie!