Friday, January 23, 2015

Matthew's Visit: Day 5 part 1

Friday morning dawned bright and early, with Matthew, Joel and I getting up early to start our surprise breakfast.  (Joel was such a trooper in rising early with us to chaperone, even though he was on his vacation! Thanks Joel!)

So I started out by cooking the sausage, while the guys started cutting up all the fruit for the fruit salad.  Pitting the cherries was taking them a long time, but they were so ingenious that they decided to Google it, and came up with a better and faster way to pit them.

(By the way, doesn't Matthew look terrific in that apron?!!  Joel ended up wearing one as well, which you'll see in some later photos.)

Our breakfast pizza...

The chefs in the kitchen, ready to sit down and eat!
(Note Joel's apron!)

If you zoom in on the photo below, take a look at Ethan, our photo bomb!

I had to include this photo as well, simply because of how goofy Ethan was being!
(That, and I really like the face Matthew was making at me! hehehe!)

The table, all set and ready to go...

The menu:
Breakfast Pizza
Creamy Fruit Salad
French Toast w/ the Dickerson's Maple Syrup
Monkey Bread/Sticky Rolls
Homemade Sparkling Juice

Can anyone say "Yum!"

That afternoon we sat down together and looked through some of our old photo albums from when we were little.  Matthew's mom was so sweet to show us some of their albums and it was very neat to see Matthew as a cute, little, mischevious kiddo!

Ethan, Joel and Noah had went down to our clay pit area to play laser tag with the guns that Matthew had gotten us for Christmas.

Here they are, trying to figure out why we would enjoy staying inside together and look at photo albums....?

Hmmm...I think I know why....
*big smile*

The happy players!

Little did I know, Matthew had been working on a big surprise for me and had enlisted everyone to help him pull it off.  Stay tuned to find out what the big surprise was....!!!!

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