Thursday, March 12, 2015

I'm Back!!!!

Well...actually, I never left, but I have been very preoccupied lately!  You see, my sweet beau has spent the last five weeks at our house, working with my family, sharing meals together, playing games with everyone, and simply getting to know each other on a more relaxed and regular schedule.  Let me say, it was wonderful!  I've never had a more enjoyable time than this past month.   

Unfortunately, Matthew had to travel back home two days ago, so I am back to blogging.  Don't worry, I have plenty to share with you all!  And Matthew will be helping me write some too, so stay tuned!
Until I get my first post up, I thought I'd leave you with a picture from our time together!
(Two very happy people!)


  1. You are back - and I'm so glad you are! I have been looking for your posts every day and was so happy you are still around. Plus it sounds like you and Matthew had a great time together. I was beginnning to think maybe something had happened between you two and that we wouldn't hear from you for awhile. So I was praying for the both of you and God's will in your lives regardless what the outcome of Matthew's visit was. So looking forward to your posts. Keep them coming :) Glad things are going well - you sound happy. Also Congratulations to your sister and her husband and family on their baby announcement and a Happy Belated Birthday to your dear Mother.

  2. Hey Kelsey - I have a whole bunch of very happy children over here. There's finally something new on the 'Hammond's Blog'! We look forward to hearing about your visit. Very cute photo! Jennifer

  3. Oh my! I'm so sorry to have worried you all! Everything is going really well, I just didn't have time to blog while he was here. Don't worry, I have plenty of material to post about.
    Thanks so much for the sweet congratulations and the birthday wishes!