Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Newest Member of Trail Ridge Farm & Dairy

Meet Buddy!

Buddy is a Nigerian Dwarf goat.  For years Mom has been wanting one because they are so adorable and so for her birthday this year, we were finally able to find one!  And he's black, nonetheless, which is her favorite goat color!  

He will stay very small, about the size of a small dog,  but he has a BIG personality.  He is very smart and can already get away with a lot.  He's already butting heads with the big baby goats!

Buddy is going to be our traveling goat, if everything works out like planned!  We are always getting asked to bring a goat to a festival or to an event where we are selling, but it's not always that easy.  The milking does get too stressed when they travel, therefore resulting in a drop in milk production, so we really don't like to take them off the farm.  And the babies are suceptible to catching something.  Billy goats smell, so they are out of the picture.  
That's where Buddy comes in.  He will be small enough to travel, and we are hoping to be able to train him to a leash.  
So, Lord willing, you all will be seeing Buddy at some of our festivals throughout the year! the way...Mom loves him!

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  1. Aww- so sweet! Nice picture of your Dad and Mom too.