Monday, September 27, 2010

Katelynn and Elaina Are 4!

Katelynn and Elaina are our twin cousins who Jordan babysits every weekday.  They just celebrated their fourth birthday!  They are so sweet, and we just love them to death!  They are more like sisters than cousins!
Katelynn is on the left and Elaina is on the right

Katelynn practicing her sewing

Elaina practicing her sewing

Katelynn on the left, and Elaina on the right sitting on our picnic table!
KATELYNN:                                                    ELAINA:
Kind                                                      Energetic
Able                                                      Laughing
Talkative                                              Amazing
Easy going                                             Interested in everything
Lovable                                                 Nice
Yet to find a job they don't like to do      Adorable
Naturally curious

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