Sunday, September 12, 2010

Potato vs. Wart

Did you know that a potato can cure a wart?
Kelsey has had a problem with a wart on her finger for about two and a half years. She kept going to the skin doctor to try to get rid of it. It would go away for a short amount of time, but come right back. So one of our good friends suggested rubbing a freshly cut potato on the wart about 5 times a day. And you know what! IT WORKED!
She also tried minced garlic, which maybe would have worked, but it made her whole finger red and inflamed. So she stopped using the garlic and just used the potato. Now, after only about 2 months, there is no sign of the wart!


  1. Hey, Kelsey! I meant to ask you about that. I'm so glad to hear it worked. We have one undergoing 'potato treatment' and have seen definite improvement. I need to be more diligent about the 5x/day though! We're looking forward to seeing you guys next week!
    Jennifer & the Ways

  2. Good! I'm glad it's working for you guys too! It's amazing all the things God provided for us for healing! All we need to do is learn them! -Kelsey