Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Albian or a Nupine???

After a year and a half of waiting, we finally got our half Nubian, half Alpine doeling!
Meet Maggie...
We have wanted to try crossing the two breeds to see how they compare to an all Nubian goat.  By crossing them we are hoping to have a high butterfat count, with an increased milk production, and a little bit smarter goat.  We'll see, it's sort of an experiment.

Mom and Dad were going to buy me an Alpine for my birthday last year, but none were available.  So this winter we finally bought Tasha, who was already bred to a Nubian buck.  This last Friday Tasha kidded and we now have Maggie and her brother Count.  We can't wait to see what Maggie will be like milking next year!

They look just like Tasha, except for their ears.  The Nubian ears flop down; the Alpine ears are erect.  So Maggie and Count's ears stick out like an airplane.  They are adorable!

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  1. we had the farm for 26 years our nubian buck got in with our registered alpine does. I was very unhappy to say the least. When the kids came I was sooo mad and told my boys i got no idea what to call the dropers. My youngest son said lets call them nu pins. Well that had a ring to it so we renamed the farm to nupine farms. Yes they were the very best milkers we ever had. Had to sell the farm, my wife got disabled and we moved to town.