Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweet Fellowship...

This past weekend, our new dear friends, the Yuck Family, came down for a visit.  They live in Canada, but travel to Florida every March and so decided to stop in for a couple of days (much to our delight)!  They too are dairy farmers, only they milk around 60 cows.  Our families are very much like-minded so it was a wonderful time of sweet fellowship and shared interests, along with some good hearty laughs!

One of those days we all went out for pizza with the Upchurch Family, another family that we had just met, but also have a lot in common with! 
Back row: Dad, Caleb Yuck, Mr. Yuck, & Mr. Upchurch
Front row: Ethan & Noah

Mrs. Yuck, Mom and Mrs. Upchurch
It was a fun weekend, only a little short of pictures!  They will be coming back by in April, so we'll have to make sure we get more photos taken! 

Yuck Family, we had a lovely time visiting with you all!  Have a fun trip and to coin a phrase,
"Ya'll come back now, ya hear!" -grin-
The Yucks (minus Mr. and Mrs. Yuck)
Liberty, Bethany, Blessing, Caleb, Honour, & Cherish


  1. Oh, it is always so much fun to have friends come visit from a far! I'm glad you had a fun time.

  2. I love their thoughtful names...