Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Storm

It rained all day yesterday.  As we were out doing the evening milking it was thundering and lightning and we were commenting how nice it was to have the dairy so that neither the goats nor us had to get wet! 

Around 9:30 last night, Ethan and Noah were in bed, and the three of us girls were in Mom and Dad's room with them going through pictures, when all of a sudden it became really windy.  There was a loud bang, some rattling, and then more loud banging.  It sounded like tin, so we took our spot light out to investigate.  Dad scanned the back yard around the pool and couldn't find anything out of the ordinary, but as he shined his light over by the horse barn we noticed a rather large piece of tin in the yard.  Green tin, which meant only one thing - the dairy roof.  As he shined the light further around the side yard, we saw more pieces of the tin.  We threw on some coats and made our way to the dairy.  Sure enough, the wind had whipped under the lean to on the dairy (the goats' shed area),  pulling it off and throwing it into the yard.  As we looked at it some more, we realized it had also taken with it the 2x6 beams that the tin was nailed to.  And with one more look around, we realized that the end 4x4 post was pulled out of the ground and landed on the opposite end of the dairy!  The end of the lean to was sagging, because the next post in line had cracked, and that had to be fixed.  We just recently bought about 40 bales of hay that was also stored under that lean to, so we had to cover all that with tarps.  Poppy thinks it was a micro burst rather than a tornado.  Whatever it was, we are praising the Lord that none of us got hurt, none of the animals got hurt (although the guard dog is still a little shook up), that the tin landed where it did, and that it didn't hit the vehicles as it flew.  Another amazing thing was that we JUST got insurance coverage on the dairy a couple of months ago!  Just in time! 
This was the first piece of tin that we saw when we looked out the back door.  You can see how far it flew from the dairy (in the background).

The tin flew over the dairy, hit the windmill, and landed as shown in the above picture.

The back of the dairy from where the tin came off.  There WAS a 4x4 post in the ground towards the right of the picture.  You can also see where some of the tin is rolled back.

The tin and boards in the field.  (Some of the boards are still connected to the tin!  We teased that most people would have just lost the tin.  Poppy built that lean to too good!  It tore off the boards too!)

This picture shows the 4x4 post.  It came from the other side and landed in this small square, without hitting the fencing on either side!  It is still intact.)

The tin in the field.

So all in all, we were very blessed that it wasn't any worse. 
God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good!

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