Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Last One!

We had a new baby goat born yesterday!  The last one to be born this year, hurray!!!  Since the baby was due so late in the year we decided ahead of time that we wouldn't keep it.  We were hoping it would be a boy, because then we wouldn't be tempted to keep him.  Or at least, maybe if it were a girl, it would be a pale, ugly little thing and we wouldn't want to keep her.  But no, it was a girl...a beautiful little black doeling with white markings!  Black!  We don't have a lot of black goats in our herd, so we have kept all the black ones born this year.  They are kinda special!  So....I guess she's a keeper.  Ahhh...what's two more months of bottle-feeding, two to three times a day when you've been doing it everyday for the last four months?  If only she weren't so cute...

So in case any of you were wondering, that brings us up to a grand total of 38 baby goats born this year!  This is the most we've ever had to bottle-feed. 

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