Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

With it being Mother's Day today, we took our camera to church and snapped some photos.  Gram also came with us to our church, so that was extra special!
Savannah, Gram and Mom

Me, Gram and Mama
We enjoyed a lovely Mother's Day service.  One gentleman, whom we have been praying for for 15 years, accepted the Lord as his personal Lord and Savior today.  There was rejoicing in both heaven and on earth today as we witnessed this beautiful event!  The tears were spilling over with this wonderful news!  It was definatly a Spirit-filled day.

After the service, the men cooked out over the grill so the ladies wouldn't have to prepare anything!  That was a special treat!

My beautiful, beautiful grandmother!
 I want to thank the Lord for my mother and for my grandmother and for what they mean in my life.  I want to thank them for the Godly influence they have been on all of us, and for the Godly legacy that they are building.  You truly do so much for us, and we couldn't even begin to thank you both enough.  We love you both and pray that the Lord will pour His special blessings out on you two!
Happy Mother's Day!

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