Monday, November 21, 2011

Gospel Centered Marriages Conference 2011

At the end of October, we had the privelige to attend the NCFIC conference up in North Carolina.  This year the topic was all about marriage.  This was the conference that we met the Yuck family at last year, so it was special for Jordan and Caleb to go back to the same place where they met! 

When we arrived at the conference center, we knew that the Yuck family had already checked in and we knew the building that they were staying in, so someone (???) decided that we should go find them! 
And find them we did!  It was like watching an old movie. 
He was running downhill to meet her, and she was running uphill to meet him...
(can't you just hear the music playing in the background?)

...ahhh....absence makes the heart grow fonder.
(If only I had the camera turned to video...sigh)

What a happy, lovestruck couple!

Chatting with the whole Yuck family! 
Oh, what a sweet family our Jordan is marrying into!

She thinks so too!

We actually arrived a day early at the conference and stayed a day later so that Jordan and Caleb could have as much time as possible together.  So,... what's one of the things you do when you finally get everyone together???  You go shopping, and shopping, and shopping and, we'll you get the idea!  I believe we stopped at every Wal-Mart within a twenty mile radius of the conference.  There was shopping for the wedding that had to be done while all of us girls were present, so you just gotta do what you gotta do!

Outside of Wal-Mart...
(The Yuck family was particularly drawn to this statue and although we can't quite put our finger on it, we believe that it just made them feel quite at home...chuckle, chuckle!)
Caleb and Jordan
All of us!
I love this picture because it is the first picture that all of us are in!
(Thank you Finnicum family for taking our picture!)

While packing for the conference, Jordan decided to ask Caleb what he was wearing, so that she could pack accordingly.  For most of the conference, they matched pretty well!



Mom and Ms. Debbie...
(This is another of my favorite pictures!)

We all had a wonderful time at the conference.  The speakers (Paul Washer, Doug Phillips, Scott Brown, Kevin Swanson, just to name a few) presented some very good messages.  We bougt the MP3 discs of the conference and are looking forward to hearing the ones that we weren't able to sit in on!  It was nice to be able to catch up with old friends and meet new ones also!  It is always so refreshing to attend the conferences and meet other like-minded families!  We feel blessed to have been able to attend this year's conference.  Next year's topic is missions

and hopefully we'll be able to attend next year's also.


  1. What wonderful photos of the whole family and the happy couple. They look so cute together. We couldn't make this year's conference but hope to make the evangelism/missions conference next fall. Maybe we'll see you there!


  2. Well, good thing we have our trusty photographer and blogger, Kelsey, on the job!! Because otherwise folk just wouldn't know what's been going on between our families and, in particular, between Caleb and Jordan! Well done, Kelsey!! Fantastic pics. Haven't even looked at ours from the conference yet, seems a slew of deer, sewing for the wedding, and a heap more work, has kept us entirely out of the blogosphere for the past month!

    Hugs All!