Thursday, November 10, 2011

Two Year Anniversary!

CALLING ALL READERS:  We have officially been blogging for two years now!  For our anniversary, we thought we'd do something a little different!  We want to hear from you!  Maybe you are a faithful follower and have commented several times already, or maybe you've been a silent reader for a little while now, or perhaps you just stumbled upon our blog today; whichever one is you, we need for you to come out in the open and send us a comment!  Tell us:

I'll start.  My name is Kelsey, my favorite color is blue, and obviously, I write this blog!  Now it's your turn! 
If you're up to's a match game to see how well you know us and chance to learn some fun facts about the Hammond Clan.  Think you've got us pegged???  Send us a comment with your guesses, such as 1A, 2B, etc.  In a couple of days we'll post the answers!  Ready?
The Person:
1. Dad  
2. Mom                                 
3. Jordan                                                                
4. Kelsey
5. Savannah
6. Ethan
7. Noah                   
The Clue:
A. Who broke their arm and one month later broke their wrist?
B. Who used to come out of their room at night and sleep in the hallway?
C. Who can jump off the diving board without going under?
D. Who has a deathly fear of mice?
E. Who fell off the tin roof while painting it?
F. Who can't stand the thought or sight of needles and shots?
G. Who used to be in ballet?

Have fun!  I so look forward to hearing from you!

Kelsey, for the whole Hammond Clan


  1. Am I the first comment? My name is Nancy. My favorite color changes with my moods but is usually brown. Your dad is my first cousin. Since we've seen eachother maybe three times in our entire lives, I don't know the answers to the trivia questions, sadly. But I am glad our families found each other again after so many years, and the best part of finding my cousin was realizing we'd BOTH become Christ followers!

  2. My name is Victoria. I am new reader but really enjoy your blog. My favorite color is hunter green. I can't answer the questions because I haven't been reading long enough.



  3. Dear Friends,
    We started reading your blog 2 years ago when you started blogging! Our favorite color is green ("the color of things coming up new in the spring" as Betsie Ten Boom said :) Love and miss you all!
    Jesse and Sarah

  4. Hello Hammond Family! This is Jennifer for the Way Family. My favorite color is purple (violet to be exact). I met sweet Jordan last winter at the Farmer's Market and about a month later went out to Trail Ridge Farm where I met the entire, wonderful Hammond Clan. Kelsey has been our oldest children's piano instructor for over a year and she is Fantastic!

    Here are my guesses.....

    1. Dad =E
    2. Mom =F
    3. Jordan =G
    4. Kelsey =D
    5. Savannah =C
    6. Ethan =A
    7. Noah =B

    I hope I didn't get them all wrong!!!

    Lots of Love from the Way Family,
    Jeromy, Jennifer, Alyssa, Silas, Simon, Ginger, Annabel and Lilian

  5. We enjoy reading your posts too...we just don't comment very fast.