Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The State Fair

A couple of weeks ago we had a chance to go to the state fair.  Some friends of ours were showing their cows, so we had a good time watching them show and even stayed for the auction afterwards!

Ethan is in the purple row, and Noah is in the green row. 
Ethan was pushing himself, trying to go even faster!


  1. We will have to come to your state fair next year. Our state fair doesn't have any animals. I was so surprised when we moved here to find that out. We miss the traditional fair with the wonderful farm animals. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.



  2. Hello Victoria,
    The animals are a fun part of the fair. Our state fair does a fairly good job on the animal side, but my parents are originally from Illinois and they say it doesn't even compare to the county fairs up there! They remember showing when they were younger and it was a pretty big thing! What state do you live in?


  3. Georgia. We moved here from Wisconsin so we know what those big northern fairs are like, and we miss them!


  4. Did the different colored slides go different speeds? or was there no difference other than the color? Looks like it was a fun time! I haven't been to the fair in years.

  5. Hello Lydia,
    The slides all went the same speed, but you could make yourself go faster by pushing with your hands (which is what Ethan was doing in the picture)! We did have a fun time!