Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Pictures of Caleb and Jordan's Wedding!!!

The Redman Family over at Our Full House have posted some beautiful pictures that they took of Jordan and Caleb's wedding!  The Redmans were a huge help at the wedding.  Rachel, the oldest of the Redman children, did a wonderful job playing the harp at the wedding!  Jonathan took a ton of pictures and they all turned out terrific!  During the rehearsal, each of them helped out in any way they could, even folding the napkins for the wedding!  Redman family, if you are reading this, thank you all so much for your help.  We couldn't have gotten it all done without you!

So...if you'd like to see some wonderful pictures of Caleb and Jordan's wedding, check out the Redmans' blog over at

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  1. The Redmans are dear friends and an amazing family. They shared all the details of the wedding with us this past Sunday. Jonathan took some excellent photos of Caleb and Jordan's special day.
    Rachel is a fantastic harp player, so I know she did a great job.