Friday, March 30, 2012

The Week Before The Wedding (2)

Some more pictures from the week before the wedding...
The kids all went out to play croquet on the front lawn.


 Honour and Noah

 Ethan, Blessing and Honour

Mr. Paul looking on...
 Noah and Cherish
Cherish and Liberty

Grandma Barb (Mrs. Debbie's mother) came down with the Yucks.  Gram and Pop had a wonderful time golfing with her and we all had a terrific time enjoying her company!

L to R: Uncle Derald (Gram's brother), Poppy,
Aunt Frankie (Uncle Derald's wife), Gram, and Grandma Barb

One of the nights that they were here we roasted hot dogs over the fire.  And who can have a fire without roasting smores, especially since this was the first time that the Yuck family had eaten smores that were cooked over a fire!

Coming next: Rehearsal pictures!

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