Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Rehearsal Day

Hello Everyone!

We just got back from a wonderful vacation to Florida with the Yucks!  More on that later! I'm going back and posting pictures from the rehearsal day, the wedding, Jordan and Caleb's honeymoon, and our trip to Florida.  So stay tuned...

A friend of the Yuck family made each of the girls a personalized shirt that read
 "Sister of the Groom"!

My lovely parents

Caleb and Jordan each made a countdown chain shortly after Caleb proposed with a link for each week until the wedding.  Jordan made hers and gave it to Caleb, and Caleb made his and gave it to Jordan.  Both of them included a little note to their beloved.  Every weekend, while they were talking on the phone, they would cut a link off of their chains and read what the other had written.  They cut the final link off together on the night of the rehearsal!

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  1. What great photos of a very precious time in the lives of your two families. I love the picture of the couple sitting in front of the altar deep in a private conversation. Thanks for sharing these. It is such an encouragement to see a godly young couple joined together in marriage.