Monday, June 17, 2013

A Wedding, The Farmer's Markets, and Memorial Day, Oh My!

Okay, so for the second installment of my belated posts.....

Last weekend, Mom and Dad traveled down to Florida for my cousins's beach wedding.  They enjoyed being able to get away and spend time together!  Here are some pictures that they took while they were down there...
My wonderful parents!

On the beach...aren't they a handsome couple!

For Memorial Day, we invited my grandparents as well as a family from church over to share dinner and games with us.  Dad was out cooking the meal and playing around with his new photo editing program on his phone!  Here's what he came up with...
The "Grillmaster"

We are also going full steam with the farmer's market right now.  We sell at about 6 markets each week, as well as about 5 restaurants, and one or two stores.  Here are some pictures taken at our Aiken Farmer's Market.


Me...trying to figure out what Noah is doing with the phone.

Noah and I were trying to figure out how to take a picture on the phone using the "front" view.  Sorry Noah, you sort of got blurred!

Ahh, there we go,...we tried again the following week and this one seemed to have turned out a little bit better!

And this is Ethan and I at the market.  We were having a lovely day, I was busy sampling our goat cheese to a couple of customers when I felt something on my ankle.  I thought it was my skirt swishing against my leg, but it wouldn't stop, so I finally brushed at it with my other foot and when I looked down....I saw this! Look at the size of that thing!

A Rhino Beetle ( a squished Rhino Beetle to be precise!) 
 Below is what they normally look like!
I held my composure until I was able to give the customers their sample and then jabbed Ethan and told him to kill it!  This is what we looked like afterwards!

So all in all, going to the markets can be very exciting.  Now that you know that I don't like frogs or Rhino Beetles, what are some things that you are afraid of or grossed out by?


  1. Yikes! That was some seriously nasty looking creature! Oh, and the beetle wasn't very nice looking either!

    Sorry, Ethan, I just couldn't resist. :-)

    Hey, Shelly, I LOVE the outfit you wore to the wedding. And I think that was the first time I've ever seen you without boots! Love ya!

    Love ya too, Kelsey. Good posts!

  2. Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!

    It took me a minute to figure out who you could be talking about! Needless to say, Ethan was terribly offended, but we decided that if Bethany sends us enough of her delicious cheesecakes to fill our freezer, then we'll forgive the offense! ;)

    You always make us laugh Ms. Debbie!

  3. Oh my, if that thing was on me, I would just have to scream! I despise spiders and bugs. *shudder* One time when I was watching some little girls, there was a spider crawling on the floor that they pointed out to me. Normally I would get someone else to kill it and/or scream and run away, but since I was the brave, responsible adult (ha!) I had to take care of it myself. Awful.